Wednesday, February 27, 2019

The Restaurant!

I was at home when I heard the doorbell ring. I had sneakily order jimmy johns on my moms credit card. I was so excited to eat my foot long sandwich with salt and vinegar chips. I rushed down stairs and said I’m stupid. I opened the door the guy was astonished he said how old are you 70? I got the sandwich and rushed up the stairs and opened the salt and vinegar chips first. The vinegar was too sharp but it was still good. I ate the foot long so fast I was going to have a good day.

Johnny boy.

So today we are told to say RED LADDER SINKING COINS PAVEMENT so here's a random story. I was walking down the street with my six foot feet i felt a light tap i said go eat a rat then and walk away in the rain in pain. I sat in a basket i barely fit i at a burrito bofor this so i'm fat go sit on a bat and my lungs out guy go die in hole with a hole in it oooooooo hot bars ooooooo by.

ps : i don't like haters



My life is…empty. What a surprise!pewdiepie you should really sub to him he needs it he is going to be the first youtuber to reach 100m subs or it will be T-series and you don't want T-series to get to 100m first so sub to pewdiepie. Pewdiepie actually makes good content for his viewers unlike T-series make love songs and gets views like who wants to listen to T-series life problem only weird people like T-series. So go to youtube and search up pewdiepie and subscribe to him NOW!


At my school i made this thing called muchos monday it is where we have a burrito eating contest in the lunchroom to see who can eat the burrito the fastest. So far i have the fastest time of 47 seconds. Im mean the burritos are as huge as a burger king burger you know. I eat the burrito as fast as a dog eats a steak. But back to the point muchos monday was so awesome unti l l l ll l l l ll ll l lll l DOT DOT DOT
                                  … I was so cross that …

So i was home one morning when i got suspended from school. I threw a dart at my teacher, so here i am. I said to my mom that i wanted to paint my face the american flag because we are going to go to a football game a sunday. So my mom went to the store and buyed me face paint. She came back and i started but it is the wrong color there is no white so i thought kwickly i will just use my really white skin. So SUB to pewdiepie before you leave this plz. oof

In a dark and scary day the souls swept through the forest. They destroyed everything in their path. The souls sliced the the trees right in half. They left the souls looking like a fire just lite. (that is what happens im just making up this story:) they are very evil. J j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j  now it is a hundred wc :)